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BoXX United protects you

At Boxx United, we stand for transparency, integrity, and the safety of our customers. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we never participate in token claims or airdrops. We understand that these practices are often used for scamming and fraud, and we are determined to protect you from such risks.   Why We […]

In-house AML/KYC


The law requires us to monitor for Anti-Money Laundering (AML). For this, it is necessary to know who is buying or selling through our KiXX virtual marketplace. Therefore, we carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures when registering new users.   AML to prevent money laundering AML refers to the web of laws, regulations, and […]

How to participate in the sports economy

BoXX United sports economy

With $ 700 billion yearly turn over and around $ 150 billion revenue the total sports market is huge. To participate in the sport economy is virtually impossible, because there are only about 25 sports clubs people can buy stocks from. For the nearly 4.9 billion sports fans this makes the sports market one of […]

BoXX United welcomes world-class petanque players

Petanque BoXX United

In addition to a large number of athletes, boxers, judokas, sailors and table tennis players, some world-class petanque players have also registered at BoXX United in recent weeks.   About petanque Petanque is a variant of a typical ball game that was played in its earliest form by the ancient Greeks. However, there it was […]

What a team: Meet the Cobras

BoXX United Cobras

The Damex Pro League New in the field of basketball is the Damex Pro League in Gibraltar. Competing teams are composed of a mix of various players. With the focus on new basketball talent, scouts and agents keep a close eye on the matches. The shared ideas of supporting sports talent in our home base […]

Damex Pro League

BoXX United Cobra's

As sponsor of the Damex Pro League basketball tournament in Gibraltar, we are looking forward to the first matches. This new and exclusive tournament is a never-before-seen competition that gives both young and more experienced, promising athletes the opportunity to prove themselves. For coaches and agents the Damex Pro League is also a great opportunity […]

Meet the Manchester winners!

Manchester photos

At the BoXX United Manchester World Athletics Continental Tour we had to chance to meet the winners. Have a look at the pictures!

The 6 key features of blockchain

Blockchain is the technology on which cryptocurrencies work, but it is much more than that. We explain its 6 main features.   What is the blockchain? Blockchain is a huge database, in which all kinds of transactions are stored in blocks. These blocks contain information about the transactions that have taken place, like payments with […]

A historic day for BoXX United?

On the day of the BoXX United Manchester World Athletics Continental Tour, we had the opportunity to tell the story of BoXX United and the very interesting possibilities to participate in the sports economy to a select group of interested people. In the prestigious Midland Hotel, we received positive reactions from the enthusiastic group about […]

BoXX United live at Rise London

We are excited about speaking at the Fanslive event on Thursday 31st of March at the Rise building in Shoreditch, London. During this event we will talk about our global marketplace where we connect sports clubs and athletes worldwide with fans, companies and sports-related charities. In a unique way we bring the worlds of crypto […]