Athletics/Track & Field entering the World of Crypto

Bryggen Sports, organiser of the Manchester World Indoor Tour and Manchester World Athletics Continental Tour, enters the world of crypto by partnering with BoXX United Limited. This makes the event names change to BoXX United Manchester World Indoor Tour and BoXX United Manchester World Athletics Continental Tour.

The partnership will host two annual world-class athletics events with host city of Manchester, as well as a new innovative mass participation event that will be launched autumn 2022. These events will be the first Athletics/Track & Field events in the world where the winning athletes are given the chance to gain free KiXX tokens as an extra bonus in addition to their price money in USD.

Worldwide many sports have already entered the crypto market. Now Bryggen Sports and BoXX United are bringing the future to Athletics/Track& Field with an innovative token which will allow fans, sponsors and companies to directly support their favourite sports club or athlete.


About BoXX United and KiXX

BoXX United is a sports marketing organisation. They connect sports clubs, athletes and events with fans, companies, and sports-related charities through KiXX and the BoXX United ecosystem. KiXX is an innovative loyalty program and universally adoptable utility token for the sports, e-sports, and entertainment industries. KiXX are promoted by sports clubs, athletes and sports event organisers affiliated with BoXX United creating an additional earning model as well as a unique NFT platform.


Unique NFTs

Early summer BOXX United will offer and create NFTs of the athletes and the Bryggen Sports events which can be auctioned or sold on the platform. An NFT (non-fungible token) is a link on a blockchain of an account to a unique object. This is done via a smart contract and digitally records the ownership of an object in the blockchain.


First event on World Athletics Indoor Tour agenda 2022

Bryggen Sports – the owner and organiser of the event – partners up with BoXX United as the new partner and main sponsor in cooperation with host city Manchester. The first event will be the BoXX United Manchester World Indoor Tour SILVER on January 22nd, this winter’s first World Athletics event on the World Athletics Indoor Tour 2022.

The founder and meet organiser of the Bryggen Sports events is Vicente Modahl, who’s business partner is his wife, the former 800m specialist, Commonwealth Champion, and four-time Olympian Diane Modahl MBE.